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Restylers Consortium Member's

Data Input Page

"Service Areas"


Please read this page carefully
it will be very important to your
search results in the future .


  Service areas include all city names and zip codes in the entire area in which you work and would like to gain new clients. For instance this may include any area that is a suburb of the main area where your business is located.


  It may also include any nearby outlying towns and also 'local area' designations that are primarily known locally but may not be on the map or have a zip code.


  For instance, if your business were located in Minneapolis MN there are approximately 70 zip codes that would likely be applicable to your business service area. Please supply all zips and the town/city names within this area.


 Also note that "Twin Cities" isn't a place on the map, but it is a real 'area' that people know and recognize and may used in search terms.


 All of this information will be used on the pages of your site as well as in "Google+ Local" which, with your permission, we will set up for you at no charge to enhance SEO and search results.


     By using the boxes and filling in the blanks you can easily convey your needs and desires and they will be sent to us by submitting the form below.


     Please pardon any duplication as an effort to ensure accuracy.


     Thanx for your patience and we appreciate your help in this matter.


Let's get started ...


     First, please tell us who this information applies to by giving your name and current working email address here:


[required] (for tracking purposes)


[required] (for tracking purposes)




Primary Target Areas


     These are the primary areas you target or service, whether you go to them or they come to you or both. We want to be able to help people find you and your products/services in all the appropriate places.


     Please list all applicable USPS ZIP codes from which you would like to gain traffic to your web site and have potential new clients find you.


    Please start with the main ZIP code where your business is located.           

Main Zip code             



Secondary ZIP codes            

        [Please list any/all that may apply to your business/service area.

         You may put them all into this one box separated by commas]



        [Please list any/all that may apply to your business/service area.

         You may put them all into this one box separated by commas]


Local Area                           

         [this would be a place that is for the most part only 'known locally'.

         It would not be a place on the map such as your town or city name.]


     To illustrate we can look at the Bitterroot Valley where we live. It is a place known to locals, but it is an area, someplace that is not really a "Place" on the map like a city or town is.


     It is a River and a River Valley, but it is not on the map in the same sense as a city/town would be. You may have a similar area near you that we can target in search.


     Here are some pictures to help. Within the mapped area there are several small towns (Sula, Darby, Hamilton, Corvalis, Victor, Stevensville, Florence) that do not appear on this map only because of the perspective, (but they really are on the map) but these we can targeted as well, but the area (Bitterroot Valley or just the Bitterroot) is affectionately known to locals and can be singled out for attention as well. often times people will search for these terms.


       Bitterroot Valley  Bitterroot Valley



Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have, we will be glad to assist you.



Once you click the "Submit" button, please be patient as it will take a minute to process the entire form. Your form processing is not complete until you see this on your screen:



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