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'File Upload Instructions'


Upload Your Files


     You can use this page to upload any files you need to send us such as photos, videos, audio and text files. Please let us know if you have any issues using these instructions so that we can help you complete the process.



Let' get started ...


     Big Sky SEO has set up a Google drive account for this very purpose. You may like to save these instructions somewhere for future reference.


     For some these instructions may seem a little lengthy. If you are already familiar with Google Drive you may not need them at all.


     For those of you that are very computer literate, you will breeze thru and not need most of this. It is a little lengthy for the benefit of those who for whatever reason are NOT so familiar with these things, and need a little more help. It is all in an attempt to make it as easy as possible for you to use the system and send us your photos, videos and other files.


     We have supplied a link and screen shots to help.


     You can go here and up load all your files at once. We have already made a folder for you named 'atdexample' where ‘example’ is your name or more appropriately your domain name. You will be able to access it here by clicking this link:


Once there you can log in using this username/password: [you can copy & paste from here. We have function tested this and it works seamlessly]

Username = [email protected]
Password = 123-pass [don’t miss the dash]


There you can look for the Restylers folder and click it.  (in red circle)


Then, once inside this folder, locate a folder for you, "ATD Example". (where ‘Example’ is your name)
We’ll use Tom Zack in Memphis as ‘Example’ here for illustration purposes. (red circle)


Click the folder and it will take you inside. At this point your screen should be blank in the middle where all the folders were just showing up, because you have not sent any pics up yet and you are actually inside your own folder. Then use the 'Upload' arrow (upper left) to locate the files on your computer and upload them all at once using the 'Shift/Click' method to select all files in the folder. Here’s the upload arrow: (red circle)


When you click the arrow you will see this: (red circle)


When you click ‘Files’ you are taken to a window showing your own computer were you can locate the files you want to send up.


Select files individually or in a group by using either the ctrl/click or the ‘shift/click’ method. [here’s how that works for those of you that are not familiar with the process: ”Control click” works like this; while holding down the ‘ctrl’ key, click the files you want to upload one at a time from various non-contiguous locations within this page/window. DO NOT release the ’ctrl’ key until you have completed making your selections. “Shift click” works like this; while holding down the ‘shift’ key, click the files you want to upload by starting with the first one and then going to the last one in a contiguous string and clicking it. DO NOT release the ctrl key until you have completed making your selections. When you click the second file you should see all those contiguous files selected (everything between the first one you clicked and the last one, indicated by the fact that they now have a light blue background)].


Now you can click the ‘Open’ button (see above in red circle) and the upload process should start immediately.

This file upload process may take some time depending on the number of files and the individual file sizes but you can still work on other stuff in the background while this is going on.


Again, we have tested this and it works seamlessly. But if you have any trouble please do not hesitate to email or
call us @406-686-6736.


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