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Data Input for 'Used Toppers'

Renaming & Uploading Photo Files


[Many of you who are familiar with Gmail and renaming image files

will find this overly simple and you won't need all this instruction.

It is for those that need the help. For those that need addiitional

help please email or call and we will be glad to assist]


Step #1 - Renaming Photo Files


     We have made every effort to develop this form so that it is as easy as possible to use by simply checking the appropriate boxes below. However, if you have any suggestions at all to make it easier, please feel free to inform us of such and we will consider them.


     To make sure we have your products accurately represented please rename all photos to include the 'Stock Number' . This is absolutely essential to ensure that the correct pictures go with the information about that particular topper.


Here is a sample of the naming convention to be used. Since there will be a number of you on the system it is very important that you adhere closely to this format so that everyone's data will be accurate.


Here is the naming convention:

     1. Start with the first 3 letters in the name of the city in which you do business [for example, ATDHelena would use "hel", Bozeman would use "boz", and ATDPortland would use "por", and so forth. Easy enough?

     2. Follow those 3 letters with a numerical stock numberl (start with 101 and name them sequentially, such as 101,102,103,104,105,106 etc.).

     3. Now include a letter designation for the vehicle type (f=Ford, c=Chev, d=Dodge, t=Toyota, n=Nissan, o=Other (for the ones you aren’t sure about) and then a dash (-) and then the a, b, c, d for the individual photos.

     So a stock # for a Ford topper from Helena would look like this: hl123f-a.jpg (f for Ford, a is for the first picture,) Use an "a" after the stock number of the first photo, a "b" after the second and so on for all (up to 6 photos total).Now our renamed photo would look like this: hel101f-a.jpg (assuming a .jpg file format, it may be something else depending on you photo).

     5. Now lets say Helena has taken several pictures of this particular used topper that fits a Ford pickup. In this case the photos are for 4 different views. So the pictures will get renamed and look like this:


1. hel101f-a.jpg

2. hel101f-b.jpg

3. hel101f-c.jpg

4. hel101f-d.jpg


'Location' = hel,  'Stock #' = 101,  'f' = Ford,
 'Picture' = a,  'File extension' = .jpg


     This process can be simplified when you have several pics by using a copy & paste method. Once you have renamed the first photo, just copy that name and paste it into the next one and change the one letter that follows the stock number.


That's all there is to the naming coventions.


Any questions? Please email or call Ph: 406-686-6736.


(Click link below to proceed to step #2)

Step #2 - Uploading Files