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Data Input for 'Used Toppers'

Renaming & Uploading Photo Files



Step #2 - Uploading Files


     Now that you have your files properly renamed you are going to upload them to Google Drive so that Big Sky SEO can use them. Here's what you will need to sign in ...


    Use this username/password to sign in inside your preferred browser:


username = [email protected]

password = 1234-pass (don't miss the dash)


That's all there is to it. Now use the instructions below to upload your picture files.

     Directions for using Google Drive once you have signed into Gmail, go to Google Drive by clicking on the small grid in the upper right hand corner of the window.


Now you want to click on the Google Drive icon in the red circle below ...

The Google Drive link takes you to a screen that will look like this:


Notice the green oval (above) highlighting "Restylers Consortium Members". This shows that you are on the main screen. Now you want to click on the "Restylers Consortium Members" folder and it will open up to reveal several folder, including your own. That screen will look like this:


The folder on top is our example (ATDBozeman). We click on that folder and it is opened up and we end up inside that folder and the screen looks like this:


The green oval and the blue oval both indicate that we are inside the "ATDBozeman" folder. As you can see there are already 3 images in side.


You will also see a large white arrow inside a red box (Purple oval).


When you click this arrow you will be given a flyout that looks like this:


Inside the yellow oval you will see a link for "Files". Clicking this will let you search on your computer for the files you wish to upload. The screen will look something like this (depending on your computer and the version of software you have).

files on your computer


Here you can find and select the files on your computer and send them up to the Google Drive folder you just entered.



That's all there is to uploading your photos to Google Drive.


Any questions? Please email or call Ph: 406-686-6736.




Now let's get started  sending us the details/specs of your used toppers.


Once you have the renaming & uploading figured out you will want to supply details about each used topper individually. Click the "Form Data" link to get to the page where you can fill in the blanks telling us all about each used topper in your inventory.


P.S. Each time you take in another used topper and are ready to have us put it on the web site there is no need to come back here to find the form. You may also find the link to this form at the very bottom of the list of data input forms on the Big Sky SEO site so you don't need to return here each time.


Here's a visual:

data input list


Thanx for your cooperation ...