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See how the owners of SEO friendly web sites from Big Sky SEO Services feel about their experience so far. The reason we say 'so far', is because as time and additional SEO implementations continue to enhance these sites the ROI will keep getting better.


Please feel free to contact any of these individuals as they have provided their phone numbers and consented to accept calls from anyone that has questions regarding their new sites.




I wanted to let you know that I really like the website that you have created for us. I know that it is still a work in progress but what we have so far has exceeded my expectations and that doesn't happen too often. I also appreciate how you are so easy to work with and how quickly you address my concerns and make changes when needed.

Thanks again

Todd Hobson

Auto Trim Design of Central Virginia Inc.
1303 Carlton Ave.
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Office 434-973-7833
Cell 434-531-5823 




Hi Barry,

Just a thought on the web site as it evolves:
I've noticed that the downfall of most web sites is the difficulty in navigating from page to page without having to return to the home page each time. This is not the case with your site Barry.

It is very user friendly and easy to navigate from the home page or any other page I chose to explore.

Also, by identifying my three main profit centers, these will appear to the viewer no matter what page he goes to. The framework of the site is solid & can be duplicated for everyone else. Each site can be easily modified to suit the particular market focus to suit the business. Looks like this should work well.

Guy Howie

Guy Howie
ATD of the Heartland


Before you and I talked about developing a website, I looked at many different kinds of websites to try and get an idea of how an effective website should look and features it should have.

I then checked around on pricing that type of website, and felt it was prohibitive for the features I wanted.


After seeing the end result that you have produced, I am very pleased, to say the very least. The way you have developed the website makes it a very educational tool with which we can help educate and provide information to our potential customers.

I especially like the side videos that show customers our most profitable products at the same time they are looking at products that interest them. I know this will be very profitable for us, not only in the way it educates, but also in how it looks so professional and how it is very effective in showing products that are unique to our business.

Thanks very much for your hard work and if anyone wants to talk to someone that is using one of your websites, please be sure to have them call me.


DOug Smith

Doug Smith
Auto Trim Design of Montana
2520 N. Montana Ave.
Helena, MT 59601


Just a quick note (that you can use however you would like) to let you know how impressed I am with your efforts regarding the Restylers International group website.

Sure, it has taken a while (I have to admit, maybe longer than I thought it should, but my expectations were not based on ever trying to create such a project myself, so they were not realistic), but the finished project FAR exceeds anything I was expecting.

I look forward to using the site in my business and believe it will give my business the "look" that both new and old customers will enjoy using.


Chris Hayes
Auto Trim & Signs
North Liberty, Iowa



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