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I do apologize for being late getting this out to you. The intent is to be sending these out on Thursday but I got tied up on a critical issue that I am still working to resolve for one of our members and that has taken precedence over everything else. So, here it is, better late than …

Google+ is an essential ingredient in connecting with prospective as well as existing clients today. You may think you are ‘on the map’, so to speak, and you may even show up there, but it you are not “Signed up” with Google+ you are missing a very important boat.

Here is a link to the sign-up page (if you already have a gmail address for your business you can simply use it to sign in and then click this little image of a grid in the upper right hand part of the page: (see red circle. notice you won’t see it until you sign in)

Then you see this: (click on the G+ in the circle)

From there you can fill in all the appropriate info for your business and add pictures and video too. Store hrs, many types of service areas to choose from to tell people what you do.

The article below explains everything in detail and there are some additional links at the end of this message if you want more info.


This is an excerpt from an article at “Socialmedia Today”.
"Despite being the second biggest, Google+ is the least well-known and most misunderstood of the social networks. Many of the clients I work with have either never heard of it, or are unsure of how or why to use it for their business.
Google Plus business_benefits
Google+ is arguably the most important social network for both businesses and marketers and as such is something you need to embrace now if you haven’t already done so.

Both Google+ and Google Authorship (explained later in this article) should be integral to your content-focused SEO strategy, so this article aims to provide a basic introduction and overview as well as highlighting some of the key benefits.

Here is a link to the rest of this article:


Here is a ‘Beginners Guide”:


Here is another Free Guide & Introduction from HubSpot:


Hope this proves helpful. You really should take the time to get on G+ …


There was also a 'Followup' email. Here are the contents:


Here is a follow-up to the last SEOEE that dealt with Google+.

This is a link to a fast and easy way to get your business set up in Google+. It is a simple step by step that will have you up and running in no time.

here’s that link:

Hope this helps make it easier some of you …



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